Past Monthly Events


16 Sept 2015 – IAMWednesday Pub Quiz: So you think you are a wise guy?



5 August 2015 – If “Singapore” Was A Brand, Would You Engage With It?



6 July 2015 – ATS After Party



10 June 2015 – Startup Heroes



Lenovo6 May 2015 – How Lenovo Successfully Brought Social Media Management and Marketing In-House – with Rod Strother


PhillipsCommandCentre15 April 2015 – Bringing Data-Driven Marketing & Content to Life With Phillips’ Damien Cummings



18 March 2015 – Q&A with Olivier Legrand from the IAB Singapore


CES20154 February 2015 – Glimpse into your digital future – Pete Mitchell on CES 2015 


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