What Is Slovakian Roulette?


No, it’s not violent, and there are no firearms involved.

It is IAMWednesday’s take on mixing the format up.  We have all been at conferences where sponsors get to go on stage to do the “Sales Pitch”.  Not only have these pitches already been seen (and presented) hundreds of times, they are a waste of people’s valuable time.

So we have a simple rule for the Gold Sponsors (this is part of the Gold Sponsorship Package):

“You can not present your own deck.  You must get an agency person(s) to present it for you.”

The sponsor has a 10-minute time slot to use and can create anything they want to be presented.  We recommend case studies that have been done with the agency client, or an RFP debrief on why an agency chose a particular vendor. Of course, you can always give the agency person your Sales Deck to present – IF YOU DARE.

Think out of the box.  Sell without selling.